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Different Ways To Tantalise Your Man


We all love a little bit of foreplay in the bedroom, but most of the time it’s either not enough, or way too much. Here are a few tips I like to use to keep guys on the edge of their seat.

1. The Dirty Text

While not physically near each other, a dirty text can send a mountain of information and drive your man wild. Whether arranging to meet that night, and hinting at what you’re going to do, or being in a long distance relationship, a naughty text here and there can definitely make your man excited for the next time he sees you.

2. Tease Him

When you are together, don’t let him do whatever he wants straight away, make sure you let him know you’re in control, for now. Place him on the bed, or in a chair, and tell him that he can’t touch himself or you while you do a sexy little striptease. You could even throw in a lapdance before he finally gets his way with you.

3. Use Your Breath

A little bit of warm breath can drive a man insane. Whether it be on his neck, or on his cock, he’ll enjoy it when you slowly exhale when close to his body.

4. Play Rough

While guys do tend to like to be the ones in control, there’s nothing to say that we can’t be in control now and again. A bite on the lip, or on the tongue, can send a guy the right signals, and when further along, if he tries to control your body and go down on you, switch it up, flip him over, and go down on him!

5. Touch

You’d be surprised how much guys will like it when you explore their bodies. When I started having sex, it was just a ‘straight down there’ kind of deal, but every guy is different, and there are lots of erogenous zones all over a mans body. Try his neck, earlobes, buttocks or thighs, but as I say, every man is different, and sometimes the search is the best part!

6. Bring Him To The Brink

When you do start to go down on him, hopefully using the tips I wrote yesterday (, bring him to the brink and tease his orgasm, it will drive him crazy, and when he does cum, he’ll be able to release more, as he will have collected all that up, and then everything after too!

I hope you liked my few tips. It’s off to the land of work I go!

Ciao my lovelies!



Great Tips For Great Head


Don’t get me wrong, all men love oral sex. If you’re down there, he’ll be loving it, that’s almost a guarantee. But if you want to try and blow his mind with your blowjob, follow a few of these tips, and you’ll see the results ladies!

1. Use Your Hands

Make an O with your hand, and link it together with your mouth. This way, it will feel much more like you’re taking all over him, when in reality, you’re taking around two thirds of it.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

Funnily enough, guys can get a little lonely up there, so if you glance up at him every now and then, with a little cheeky gleam in your eye, it will turn him on more than you’d know.

3. There’s No Need To Suffer In Silence

Granted, while some women don’t particularly like giving blowjobs, they suffer through it until they’re married, and they can finally stop. But there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it too ladies. You can do it right after he’s had a shower and cleaned down there. You can get him to trim his pubic region. There are loads of things that can help, even flavoured condoms!

4. Use your tongue

Make your tongue as flat as possible, then slowly run it along his pride and joy from base to tip. Take your time, leave no spot unlicked, and this move will look as delightful as it feels.

5. Rhythm

Once you’re down there and going at it, pacing becomes important, and this move will show him you’ve got that base covered. Rather than just bobbing up and down at a constant speed, start with five slow bobs, then move to four slow bobs and one fast, then three slow and two fast, and so on. Once you’ve reached five fast ones, revert back to five slow, then repeat. This move adds variation but also builds anticipation — two of the most basic components to great oral sex.

6. On The Rocks

Put an ice cube in your mouth before going down on him. The heat of your mouth combined with the occasional flashes of chilliness will keep him excited.

7. Irrumination

Lie on your back on the bed or a couch and lean your head off the edge. Meanwhile, he stands, inserts his penis into your mouth, then moves it in and out while you remain still. Not only will he enjoy controlling the motion (and you’ll learn a ton about what he’d like you to do down below), but by leaning back, you create a straight path from your mouth to your throat, making it easier for him to delve deep. Don’t worry, we’re not talking Deep Throat deep. If you’re afraid he’ll induce your gag reflex, tell him to take it slow and place your hands on his buttocks or pelvis to steer him a little.

For more tips about deep throating, I greatly recommend a video I saw by a woman named Kristi Lovett, who has got the art of deepthroating down to a tee!

Here’s the link for all of you to find her:

Anyway, as usual, I hope you all enjoyed my article, and as this one was a little more titillating, hopefully it should get lots of views. If you like it, please retweet it on Twitter, or share it with your friends. Any support and feedback is always welcomed.

Ciao for now my darlings, speak to you all soon!



This post really isn’t too much to do with my usual topics, as it is 12:40am when I’m starting writing this, I’m deadly tired, and I really have to be up early in the morning, but as I haven’t posted for a couple of days, I figure I should really do that now.

So here are a few pieces of artwork that I have done over the past year or so, I hope you enjoy them!








So yeah, that’s some of the artwork I have done.

Nothing particularly special I know, but hey, I enjoyed drawing them!

Anyway, Amy is now officially off to bed, please keep checking the blog for any new updates.

I apologise for any lack of content it may have, I’m stupidly busy at work right now.

Ciao my lovelies!


My Social Experiment


So, a couple of days ago, I updated my Badoo profile, to start a brief little experiment, and I’m on here to explain it all.

Basically, I downloaded the Kik app on my iPhone, and I then proceeded to upload the username on my Badoo profile, just to see how many messages I would recieve. I left it public for one whole day, and the next day, I checked the app. I was expecting quite a few messages, maybe not as many as I get on Badoo, but a similar sort of amount. This would have given people access to message me on my phone, rather than through my computer. Instead, I was shocked to see that only two people messaged me.

To me, this means that two people out of at least 100 that viewed my profile that day actually liked my profile when they read it. For the sheer amount of messages I get on Badoo, to only get two on Kik, was pretty surprising. It made me wonder how many people actually read profiles on dating sites.

Is it just all about how we look? Is it really all looks, no substance?

I can’t really speak for everyone who looked during that time. But I’d say at least half of the 100 would have had the app or be able to download it, and say 25% think I’m an idiot (which I totally am), that would still leave 25 people who would be able to message me. And only two did. Shocking sort of statistics.

Be prepared for more social experiments, and articles by the bucket load I hope!

Sorry I’ve been a bit rubbish about posting daily/more than once a day.

Speak soon lovelies!


Creepy Guys On The Internet


This isn’t so much an article about how to deal with them, or anything, but just letting you know some of the weirder experiences I have had within a week of joining Badoo.

Today, I got the following message:

“hi sexy, I haven’t had sex for five months and I’m new to London, have been here for three months. I want to get laid please help me where can I get some pussy, please hook me up with any chick I’m really desperate and will do anything just for sex please help me, thank you.”

Who does that? Like for real. Why would you approach a girl you’ve never met before, and ask her to hook you up with someone purely for sexual purposes?

Another time, I was offered £15,000 to do porn, as well as £4,000 to do a topless photo shoot, and £500 and gifts for every time I had sex with this certain gentleman. And I was thinking about what doing it would mean. Like my student loans would be eradicated. Completely gone. Then I thought about my future children. Imagine how hard it would be for a 13 year old boy if his friends found out that his mum did porn? Like all the kids able to look at me in that way, it made me feel sick.

And the amount of messages asking me if I love cock, or love giving head, etc, is beyond belief. It is people like these that make these chatrooms such a weird place to be. The internet is a very strange medium for communication. Like if somebody walked up to me in the street and asked me how much I loved cock, I’d probably slap them and walk off. But you don’t have that option on the internet, there are no repercussions for anything you say, because what can the other person really do apart from block you?

It worries me the way the internet is going, due to roughly half of all relationships starting online now, where will it end? In 20 years, will we all live in a virtual reality where these people can physically communicate with me? Who knows. Okay, I’m probably going a bit far with that one, but hey, 20 years ago, the internet was only just invented, so technology could come a hell of a long way in that time.

I hope you all have a lovely lazy Sunday, enjoy a roast, and watch the football. God that sounds beautiful.

Ciao for now bitches!


How Guys Can Stand Out On Dating Sites


For me, I’m on Badoo, and while the chance of me meeting somebody on there is slim, due to me not really wanting a man at the moment, a lot of girls could be looking for someone to date, or for someone to meet up and have fun with. But there is a very real problem about Badoo. Overpopulation. Now I can’t say if all dating sites are the same, but Badoo probably has a ratio of 10:1 in favour of males. And that means the females, get flooded with messages. And when you come online and see that you have 80 messages, how do you go through them all to see who is a good fit for you?

It’s very hard, I will say that. I’ve been on Badoo for about a week, and most of the messages I get are “Hey, how are you?”. This message to me screams that you haven’t looked at my profile, you’ve just seen my picture, and thought you’d message me. If I was looking for someone online, I would not go for these people, but that’s just me personally, so I don’t respond to them.

I also don’t reply to “Sexy”, “Wow you’re hot”, or any sexual remark that people leave for me. So right there, out of the 80 messages I get a day, I’ve narrowed it down to around ten. Out of the ten, there can be a multitude of reasons why I would, or wouldn’t, reply to your message. Maybe it’s just that I simply don’t find you attractive. As harsh as it is, it’s part of us. We are all looking for people who are more attractive than us, or on the same level, it’s basic human psychology. Everybody wants to get with the best partner they can. Statistically, you’re more likely to try and get to know someone if you find them attractive. Even just as friends, you’re raising your own social status by simply being around somebody who is considered attractive.

So let’s say out of the ten, I find five attractive. That means that out of 80 people, I will speak to five of them. And chances are, some of us just won’t have much in common, which will narrow it down further. On Badoo, I have few certain people who I will always talk to. And they are great guys. But in reality, in one week, I must have had over 1000 messages, and I reckon I have had long conversations with about 20/30 of them, so it’s hard to stand out!

My tips for you guys, and as I said, I’m not sure all dating sites are the same, but you have to find a way to stand out. The best way to do that, in my humble opinion, is to look at her profile, and see what her interests are, and what she’s written about herself. A little attention can go a long way, and who knows, tomorrow, you could find the love of your life!

That’s my tip, and I’m sure I’ll have more with a prolonged time on this site.

Anyway, peace and love motherf***ers! I’m off to work.

Have a great day!


My Worst Ever Date


First of all, let me apologise for not writing for a couple of days, I have just been so damn busy!

Now with this, I can imagine people would have nightmare stories. Mine really isn’t that bad, but somebody wanted to hear the story, so I’ll tell it.

Basically, I met this guy when I went to the Olympics last year, he was working there, and we exchanged numbers etc, and we started sending flirty texts. I was bored one day, so I sent him a text hinting that I wanted to go to the cinema. Please, heed my advice here, when you’re starting out with somebody, like the first five dates, don’t go to a cinema!

All I wanted to do was talk and get to know him, and have that exciting first date stuff, but instead, we had to be pretty much completely silent, and I was joking around, telling him to make a move on me, like the yawn and then put the arm over thing, but he was really nervous. I don’t know how, but he had gone from confident in person, and over text, to being kind of off with me.

So I was sending him loads of signals, he wasn’t really responding, so we just were watching the film. Then we went for a couple of drinks, and we talked, which was nice, but I didn’t feel the spark yet. It was pleasant, but not captivating. So I was ready to go. I was waiting for my bus home, and I said to him “Why didn’t you make the move?” He just went “Oh, okay then.” and kissed me. I was 100% off guard, and it was really good, but then he wanted me to come back to his, and I don’t ever have sex on the first date.

So yeah, that’s my ‘worst’ date ever. Not the best story I could have told, but hey, I’m sure there will be plenty of other topics I can talk about!

Ciao for now bitches!


Is Cheating Ever Okay?


This topic was posed to me by someone on Badoo, and it really got me thinking, is cheating on somebody ever okay?

In certain, very extreme circumstances, I could maybe see why people do it, but as somebody who has been cheated on in the past, I’m inclined to say no.

There is a certain level of trust every relationship should have, and the longer the relationship goes, the higher the level of trust you build with your partner. But when you find that somebody has cheated on you, it is the ultimate betrayal. To most girls, having sex is a sacred thing. You’re letting a man see your naked body, no matter what imperfections you may have, and I know some girls don’t, but most of us do, and any girl who can stare at themselves naked for more than 10 seconds, good on you! Also, when in a relationship, sex is more than just the pleasure, it’s a connection. When you look someone deep in their eyes, there is a certain feeling that is unparalleled.

So to have somebody break that trust, it hurts. It hurts a hell of a lot.

This particular gentleman was wondering if it was okay to cheat because there was a lack of passion in the bedroom.

For anybody who is also having the same problem, I’m sure it’s not just her fault. Sex can become monotonous when performed with the same person for a number of years, and doing the same three positions most people generally do, missionary, cowgirl and doggystyle. What I would recommend, is to get a sex manual. You can even look stuff up on the internet. There are god knows how many different positions, and while some are a bit trickier than others, there are quite a few that novices can start off with. This, added to by better foreplay, or even just having an open mind to new stuff, could be an eye opener, and help all you troubled couples out.

The main thing that is needed is better communication. If you both talk to each other, and let each other know of any fantasies either of you may have, the other might be willing to compromise. This could just be having sex in public, or even in a different room than the bedroom, or it could go as far as to including another person in your bedroom antics. Just as long as both of you agree on it. If either party is uncomfortable, they should let their feelings known.

To sum up, there are a million and one ways of spicing up your love life. You just have to talk. Cheating isn’t the option.

As usual, I hope I helped!

Ciao for now darlings.


How The Internet Has Affected Dating Forever


I was on the train the other day, and I saw those dating ads and it made me think. And I don’t know how I got to this specific point, but blind dates really are a thing of the past.

There used to be a time, where your friend would say “Oh hey, I’ve got someone who would be absolutely perfect for you!”, and you would take their word for it, and go out to dinner with them or something. But in this day and age, if anybody says they have someone that you would get on well with, you immediately take to Facebook/Twitter and go and semi stalk this person.

And I think this is one thing that’s wrong with society today. There’s no mystery behind anyone, because you can just go and find out all about them on the internet.

So I’ve taken a stand. I’ve deleted my Facebook, and my personal Twitter account, and just left myself with the Twitter account for this blog (@MyBedroomBlog, give it a follow, you know you want to). This way, I’m off the grid so to speak, not that I’m being set up with anyone at the moment…

I believe the internet is both the best and worst invention of our generation. Gone are the days when 14 year olds would go to the arcade and didn’t know what the clitoris was. Now all I see are 14 year olds trying to look like they’re over 18, and the worst thing is, sometimes they’re succeeding. For this generation, childhood only really lasts until you’re 12, and then a lot of them are using make up, getting boyfriends and having sex, and it makes me physically ill. Because everything they need to learn, is at the touch of a button on their computer, so kids are watching porn, reading about sex, and seeing all kinds of f***ed up s**t, that they will believe is acceptable. And it’s not.

Yeah so that’s my little rant over with, and that’s just off the top of my head. Stupid Internet. But if it wasn’t for that, you people wouldn’t be able to read this, so in one way, it’s a godsend at least!

Ciao for now bitches!



How To Approach A Lady

Okay, so this question was posed to me by someone on Badoo, and I thought it’d be a good topic to write about. A lot of perfect eligible guys out there can be a bit shy, and let a girl slip through their fingers. And I’m here to tell how what you need to do to get up the courage to approach her, and what to do when you’re there.

1. Seek them out. Okay, she may be stunningly beautiful, but everybody is human. In my eyes, nobody is out of anybody’s league, because they may not be the best looking, but they could have a heart of gold. Anyone who approaches me on the street, unless I’m in a rush, I will always give them the time of day, and the worst we can do is say no thanks, right?

2. Maintain eye contact. Eye contact is a very powerful thing, and very tricky to gauge as well. You want to let her know you’re interested, but at the same time, you don’t want to stare at her like a stalker. Catch her eye, smile, but not for too long, and if she smiles back, go and talk to her, but don’t leave it too long, nothing is more awkward than when you’re on a train and a guy is staring at you.

3. Be confident. Approach her, and don’t try and be too funny from the start. DEFINITELY do not use any cheesy chat up lines, they are all awful, and should burn in hell. Talk about the surrounding environment to start off with, and use something that is in context. Make sure the following conversation is fun and light and try to fit in some compliments, but not too many.

4. Make a date. Or at least make future plans. Depending on the girl, she might want to go out right away and grab a coffee, or, as is more likely in London, she’s probably already meeting someone, so exchange phone numbers and plan to meet in the future.

These tips really aren’t too hard to follow, and just cover the very basic things you need to do, but follow them, and they will work eventually, even if you have to play the numbers game.

I hope my tips were helpful, and I hope you’ll use them to find the girl of your dreams in the very near future.

Ciao for now!